Character Options

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Official and “Semi-Official”

Player’s Handbook The core rules.
Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Contains new sub-races, class options, cantrips, and example backgrounds.
Unearthed Arcana New character options by WotC. You can also check here- for a complete list of character options organized by race and class.
Elemental Evil Player’s Guide Elemental races (Aarakocra, Svirfneblin, Genasi, Goliath) and new spells.
Volo’s Guide to Monsters Several new PC race options.
Monster Manual Useful stats for animal companions, summons, familiars, wild shapes, etc.
Dungeon Master’s Guide Unnecessary for most players, but does contain the Eladrin and Aasimar race.

Homebrew Options

New Race – The Thri-Kreen A race of psionic mantis-folk.
New Backgrounds Many new backgrounds to customize your character.
The Sorcerer, Revised My revision of the Sorcerer class, along with the Draconic Bloodline and Wild Magic archetypes.
Fighter – Fighting Styles The Executioner, Hoplite, Hurler, Mighty Archer, Traditional Warrior, and Versatile fighting styles.
Way of Four Elements: Remastered A fan-made revision that improves on the Way of Four Elements option for Monks.
New Feat – Metamagic A new feat that offers flexible metamagic options to spellcasters.

Character Options

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