Ever-smoking Bottle

This glass bottle is streaked with ash on the inside.


When you use an action to remove the stopper, a cloud of thick smoke pours out in a 60-foot radius from the bottle. The cloud’s area is heavily obscured. Each minute the bottle remains open and within the cloud, the radius increases by 10 feet until it reaches its maximum radius of 120 feet.

The cloud persists as long as the bottle is open. Closing the bottle requires you to speak its command word as an action. Once the bottle is closed the cloud disperses after 10 minutes. A moderate wind can also disperse the smoke after 1 minute, and the a strong wind can do so after 1 round.

Creatures in heavy obscurement are effectively blinded.


Defeat a challenging enemy without help while both you and your foe are within the smoke cloud created by this item.


Created by the Gaellean wizard Nuado. His obsession with elemental air and earth led him to create this device. The command word is “Kapnos.”

Ever-smoking Bottle

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