Adventures in the Borderlands

Visiting the Spire

Session 10

  • PCs visit the city of Kyros.
  • Andarsecc finds some information about the sea people: that they had a colony in Corwyn, had a distinctive look, and family names include Marsh, Olmes, and Obed.
  • Vargus finds recipes for magic items including “Ye Blade, Enflamm├ęd” and “Sworde of a Moste Excellent Quality.”
  • Several magic items purchased, noted below.
  • Locals note that the eccentric scholar Praemas the Observer has an observatory on the 50th floor of the Spire, but also warn against climbing or flying up past the first few levels.
  • Gillian attempts to scale the tower to visit Praemas; he is almost blown off by strong winds, and is then attacked and captured by one or more invisible flying creatures.
  • Other party members contact Praemas via the silver raven. Praemas takes the PCs to the tower using unknown methods and then negotiates with a strange Palace Cat for the release of Gillian from the Chameleon Women.
  • Gillian receives a paw-print mark on his forehead, marking a “debt” to the Palace Cat to be “called in at a later time.”
  • The PCs trade several extra-planar items for Praemas’ cloak of flame and also trade the pixie stompers for an Arcadian star-sapphire.

+ 250 xp (Roleplaying)
+ 250 xp (Exploration)
= 8,460 / 14,000

Alchemy Jug (purchased)
Boots of Flying (purchased)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (purchased)
Goggles of Night (purchased)
Immovable Rod (purchased)
Ring of Jumping (purchased)

Cloak of Flame (traded for various)

Star Sapphire (traded for Pixie Stompers)



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