Adventures in the Borderlands

Rumble in the Swamp

Session 13

  • While examining the metal box recovered from the Tritons, a gang of trolls, along with their shambling mound and a giant crocodile, attacked the PCs.
  • After a narrow victory by the PCs, the surviving troll and its minions fled back into the swamp.
  • The book was revealed to be a strange tome of magical research.
  • The PCs continued heading out of the swamp, towards the inland plains.
  • After spotting two large, dark shapes flying off in the distance, the PCs decided to travel slower and more cautiously to avoid what they assumed were dragons.
  • Traveling at a slower pace, the PCs found themselves spending another night in the swamp camped in their tower.

+ 1,800 xp (Combat)
= 14,060 / 14,000

PCs reach 6th level; they may level up when they next have a chance to rest and train in safety.


Rusted box → Subtle Treatise of Surunos

Alchemy Jug refinement



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