Adventures in the Borderlands

Mercenary Assault

Session 8 & 9

  • Received gold from Boufford to hire mercenaries.
  • Hired Brixa, Oryx, Khanti, Rinza, and Jutai.
  • Gillian followed the thief Uttesh back to where he was hiding out.
  • Using Oryx wild shaped into a horse as bait, the PCs led the worg and wolf-rider goblins into Jutai’s tiger-pit trap.
  • Andarsacc captured one of the Worgs.
  • The PCs began their assault on the hobgoblin fort from the less defended back hill and fought their way down the cliff.
  • Just as the PCs had mopped up most of the opposition, a well-armed hobgoblin captain leading a contingent of hobgoblin soldiers and two armored ogres emerged from the cave.
  • After defeating all the hobgoblins, the PCs ventured down into the cave.
  • They saw a disturbing site: the vivisected body of a cave bear with a turgid, bloated sac protruding from its exposed guts, flanked by four hobgoblin monks with pained, twisted features, and finally the ephemeral form of the halfling priestess, all of them linked by strands of green energy.
  • Gillian pierced the disgusting thing with some arrows, spilling out a half-formed creature. The monks immediately were wracked with paroxysms and died, and the halfling priestess seemed to return to solidity.
  • The PCs gathered up what loot they could find and headed back to town.
  • Kala was impressed and promised to soon garrison the fort around the cave with halfling reserves.
  • The PCs decided to leave the Moot for now and head down south to Kyros.
  • The PCs pay Janahyn to install an Arcane Lock on the door to the Rook.

+ 460 xp (Combat)
+ 250 xp (Roleplaying)
+ 250 xp (Exploration)
= 7,960 / 14,000

300 gp from Boufford for hiring purposes (spent)
5,350 gp from hobgoblin loot (half paid in percentages to mercenaries)
2,885 gp from sale of art objects, arrived from Kyros
Arcane Scrolls: Blur, Levitate, Phantasmal Force, and Web
The Rook
The Earth-Mother’s Thresher
Arrow-Catcher Armor
Nature’s Embrace
The Dead Men Walking



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