Adventures in the Borderlands

Dangerous Voyage

Session 11

  • Aerendyl loses a boxing match on the docks of Kyros.
  • PCs sell their horses to pay for passage by ship back to Lightstone, seeking the remnants of the Sea People.
  • The ship’s captain informs the PCs that due to low tide, they must either pass by some dangerous sea-side cliff, go around and risk the sargassum fields, or wait until night and delay their trip. The PCs choose to borrow a boat and investigate the cliffs by themselves.
  • The PCs encounter a tribe of cyclopses hauling up baskets of fish from the caves. The PCs attempt to negotiate for safe passage, but the cyclopses feel great resentment about generations of slavery at the hands of “small ones” and “shrimps”, and refuse to help unless given a ship to leave the island and reclaim the cities built by their ancestors.
  • A battle ensues, and the cyclopses, including a priest, are slain, but not before the boat is destroyed and a strange creature, a Hecatoncheires, appears and threatens the PCs. The PCs are forced to swim back to the ship and recommend waiting until nightfall, rather than facing the hundred-handed beast and the rest of the cyclopses.

+ 2,300 xp (Combat)
+ 250 xp (Roleplaying)
= 11,010 / 14,000


Silver armband with tourmaline, fine quality ermine-fur pouch, coral holy symbol, silk sash with electrum buttons (found on cyclops priest)



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