GM's Statement and House Rules

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GM’s Statement

1. The rules are guidelines, not straight-jackets.

The options detailed in the Player’s Handbook and elsewhere are only a starting point, not the sum total of things that might be in this world. I encourage you to ask if you want to custom game options to bring your character to life. In return, I expect that you give me as the GM license to create new things for you to encounter in my world, things that may not conform to the standard rules.

2. Help keep the table running smoothly.

Disruptions slow down the game, and that means less adventure in what little time we have. Take your turn in a efficient manner, then yield the floor to the next player. Don’t be distracted by side conversations or technology. And please, don’t halt the game to answer a rules question; if the answer isn’t obvious, than accept a temporary solution with good sportsmanship and look it up after the game session.

3. You will encounter both victory and loss.

Even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. It’s not my goal as GM to antagonize the players, but in a game about danger and adventure, the challenges seem toothless with the real risk of failure, including character death. Try to exercise good humor and graciousness when things don’t go your way.

4. Don’t just react; proactive players have more fun.

My campaign settings are in states of flux and crisis, waiting for a push to topple one way or another. Beyond simply gaining gold and glory, characters should pursue personal goals. Rather than waiting for someone else to tell you what to do, set your own plans into motion and remake the world in your image.

5. Ask the GM and you will (probably) receive.

It never hurts to ask. Want a custom ability? Want a cool magic item? Want to meet your long-lost twin brother? Want to fight a frost giant on top of a castle in the middle of a storm? If there’s something specific you would like to see in the game, you could always ask for it, and if possible I will try to work in into the adventure.

House Rules

Barbarian If you choose the “Path of the Berserker,” amend the “Intimidating Presence” ability to calculate the DC based on either Strength or Charisma (player’s choice).
Monk If you choose the “Way of the Four Elements,” use the revised archetype found here.
Ranger Use the revised ranger. It’s much better. When you choose a Favored Enemy, if you choose Humanoids, specify that to two types of humanoids, such as Elves and Dwarves, or Orcs and Goblinoids.
Sorcerer Don’t pick the Wild Magic option. It’s terrible. Choose the Draconic bloodline, or the various Unearthed Arcana options.
Wizard The “Potent Cantrips” feature for the School of Evocation should be changed to half damage on a missed roll with a wizard evocation cantrip that requires an attack roll (i.e. evocation spells such as Fire bolt).


Your character might acknowledge or worship any of the fantasy-historical deities listed here.

Slow Natural Healing

We will be trying the slow natural healing optional rules. Characters do not regain Hit Points during a long rest, and must spend Hit Dice to heal.

GM's Statement and House Rules

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