Adventures in the Borderlands

Welcome to the Borderlands
session 0.5

After traveling the long trail from Gaelle, the heroes arrive in the lands of the Moot. They are introduced to some of the officers of the fort called Castle Hangknot (or in halfling, Caer Haegnant) and some of the important persons of the nearby town of Rivenbrook.

An adventurer named Quick-fingers Cobb offers to sell the PCs information about some old Andwynyon ruins that claimed the lives of his former crew-mates. He went to bed without striking a deal, and was found the next day dead and suspiciously cold. A search through his pack turned up (his?) severed fingers and a strange, opalescent ring. The PCs volunteer to find the source of the (possibly cursed) item.

+ 525 xp (Roleplaying)
+ 225 xp (Exploration)
= 1,650 / 2,700



  • “Grandmother”, high priestess of Arawn, has been missing some time. The crows claim her cave is north-east of town.
  • Quick-fingers Cobb’s map shows the Andwynyon ruins as approximately two days north of town.
  • The Alliance military under Lord Captain Boufford’s command pays bounties on: accurate maps of the borderlands; intelligence on enemy location and activity; claiming tribal insignia from goblin chiefs; and aiding the local halfling villages rebuild.
session 0

At the home of a minor viscount in Tarbeau, in the nation of Gaelle, our heroes were approached by an old dragonborn paladin named Darahi, an ambassador from the Dragon Sultan. He asked that the characters investigate an old “haunted” mansion near his home. The mansion turned out to be the former home of a now-deceased wizard, obsessed with the elements of air and earth, and “haunted” by his former experimental subjects: a gang of dust mephits and a gargoyle. After dispatching the beasts, Darahi suggested that the PCs head north, to the borderlands, where the Alliance military had established an outpost near the border with the goblin empire of Ix.

All PCs reach level three (900 xp)

150 gp each
Wand of Magic Missiles
Slippers of Spider Climb
Eversmoking Bottle
Sword of Elemental-Slaying
Scintillating Scale Armor, +1

Other Notes:
New contact – Darahi, ambassador of the Dragon Sultan


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