Subtle Treatise of Surunos

A book of magical theory on thin copper plates.


Contains the following spells (for Wizards, Sorcerers, Bards, and Clerics of Knowledge, Arcana, or similar domains):

  • Charm Magic. (1st level enchantment) Persuades a spell to miss you.
  • Hold Magic. (2nd level enchantment) “Paralyzes” a spell for 1 round.
  • Dominate Magic. (3rd level enchantment) Wrests control of a spell.
  • Confuse Magic. (4th level enchantment) Prevents a spell from recognizing friend from foe.
  • Commune with Magic. (5th level divination) Allows the caster to contact and ask questions of all magic in the area.

Written by the wizard Surunos, a half elven/half copper dragon, of Tehr Cirith. His views on magic were, at best, unconventional, and generally disregarded. He viewed magic as a living entity with a will of its own, which a spellcaster “persuaded” to act. His theories eventually gave way to worship of this being of magic and he left the city on a spiritual pilgrimage, and was never seen again.

Rusted and barnacle encrusted, this iron book-case seems like it was salvaged from the bottom of the sea after resting there for many years. Purchased from a band of Tritons.

Subtle Treatise of Surunos

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