Traitor's Anchor

This dull gray greatsword features two spikes on the blade that grow into a cumbersome anchor when wielded.

weapon (melee)

Requires attunement; cursed

Anyone foolish enough to try and use this sword has it transform into a useless anchor when wielded, and once drawn, cannot be put down.

In its anchor form, it is an improvised, two-handed weapon melee that deals 1d10 bludgeoning damage. Medium creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls with such a heavy weapon, and small or smaller creatures cannot attack with it at all.


This strange cursed sword was found in an old Andwynyon tomb, in the sarcophagus of a large, reptilian beast that was somehow still alive inside. The inside of the tomb had a magic mouth spell that spoke the riddle, “What fate should befall a person such as this?” The outside of the tomb featured a sculpture of a man in eagle regalia with a large sword, and a similar statue was on the outside lid of the sarcophagus. Inside, the word “traitor” in Old Andwynyon was inscribed over and over, and a rusty, eagle-adorned set of bronze armor was inside.

An identify spell indicates that this sword was once called “Exultation.” Recreating the enchantment would require 2,500 gp in reagents (including a large Opal, a dozen gorgon scales, and a handful of white kirkroot from the grave of a saint).

The Legend of Cuada the Traitor

“Exultation is an ancient sword, passed down through a long line of Andwynyon nobility, enchanted over time with great power.”

“Long ago, the Andwyn Empire sought to expand its influence across the continent and beyond. Many ancient human, elf, and other kingdoms resisted, some more successfully than others. The southern coasts were ruled by the mysterious ‘Sea People’ lead by a Queen (also described as a ‘Sea Witch’). After many losses by Andwyn, king Fidhe ordered his friend and famous general Cuada to lead the armies. Upon arriving in the south, however, Cuada was smitten by the Sea Queen and defected to their side. Leading a large navy, Cuada headed an invasion of Andwyn, but the fleet was destroyed in Breaker’s Bay. Cuada and his Queen were captured by Fidhe, who believed that the ‘sea witch’ had enchanted Cuada. Fidhe offered his old friend a full pardon if he would renounce his treachery and slay the ‘witch’ with his own blade. When he refused, Fidhe cursed Cuada, transforming him into a monstrous sea-creature, cursed his family blade ‘Exultation’, transforming it into the Traitor’s Anchor, and had Cuada entombed alive. According to legend, if the blade ever fulfilled Fidhe’s promise and slew the sea witch (or one of her descendants), then the curse would be lifted.”

Traitor's Anchor

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