Rook, The

This mace is carved to look like a tower, complete with a miniature rookery inside.

weapon (melee)

Requires attunement

This +1 mace may be planted in the ground and, upon speaking the command word (“koraki”), grows into a tower over the next ten minutes. As a tower, it has a base of radius 10’ and is 30’ tall. The ground level has a stout wooden door and stairs leading up to the second floor, the second floor has two 3’ square windows, and the third floor is the rookery, where approximately a hundred unearthly crows come to nest. Upon speaking the next command work (“ikarok”), the tower reduces in size until after 10 minutes it has returned to its mace form.

Objects left in the tower when it shrinks will turn to iron and become part of the mace until the tower is grown again. The tower will not shrink if any creatures are inside of it (except its “native” crows).

In addition, once per day, you may unleash a plague of crows as an action while wielding The Rook as a mace. Choose a point you can see within 300 feet; crows fly out of the mace to create a 20’ radius sphere centered on your chosen point. The sphere remains for one round and its area is lightly obscured. The sphere’s area is difficult terrain. All creatures in that area must make a DC 11 Constitution save or take 4d10 piercing damage (half on a successful save). A creature must also make this saving throw when it enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or ends its turn there.


Defeat a challenging enemy using a plague of crows.
Fend off a dangerous assault against the tower while you inhabit it.


Rook, The

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