Scintillating Scale Armor

This coat of silver scales always seems freshly polished.


Requires attunement.

This enhanced suit of +1 scale armor (medium armor, AC 14 + [max. Dex. mod. 2] + 1, Stealth disadvantage) is always clean and polished to a mirror shine.

When someone wearing this armor is targeted by a magical ray or beam of energy, if the attack roll misses and the number on the d20 is odd, then the ray or beam is reflected off the gleaming armor back at the attacker.

Because this armor is always preternaturally shiny, observers have advantage on Perception checks to see the wearer.


Defeat a challenging enemy with their own reflected ray or beam;
Defeat a challenging spellcasting enemy without aid.


This suit of armor was made for the dragonborn paladin Darahi. He commissioned its creation after the death of his comrade Erkardur from a disintegrate spell cast by an Efreeti sorcerer.

Scintillating Scale Armor

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