Adventures in the Borderlands

The Forlorn Name

Session 12

  • As the Smiling Squid went around the cyclopses’ island, it became stuck in the sargassum.
  • A tribe of Tritons came up to the ship willing to trade. The PCs traded some glowstones with the Tritons for scrimshaw and other trade goods, include a strange metal book and a conch shell.
  • Arriving in Lightstone, the PCs did some investigation, including calling the bishop to cast divination, and learned that Inquisitor Ansela is descended from a “Marsh,” a name associated with the “sea people.”
  • Divination clue: How do we find the descendants of the “sea people”? “Seek the forlorn name.”
  • Ansela claims she can’t (and won’t) help the PCs, but that some of her people live in “The Mire of Lost Hope” located to the west.
  • The PCs decide to cut north through the swamp to the inland prairie, then head west and return south.
  • Partway through the swamp, after resting in the Rook tower, Gillian and Vargus head outside and open the lock on the strange metal book cover.
  • Before they can open the book, several large, green humanoid creatures emerge from the surrounding muck and charge, taking them by surprise…

+ 750 xp (Exploration)
+ 500 xp (Roleplaying)
= 12,260 / 14,000

Glowstones → scrimshaw → 250 gp from Brucca
Strange metal book
Conch shell (probably just an empty shell)



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