Adventures in the Borderlands

Round Trip

Session 6

  • The PCs arrive in Lightstone and arrange healing for Gillian.
  • The PCs identify several magic items in their possession.
  • The PCs dispose of several dangerous objects, including a jar of mummy dust, a soul-trapping box, and a cursed sword.
  • Andarssac begins trying to join a “philosophical society” called the Illuminated Eye.
  • The PCs unload lots of art and gems to the trader Brucca, who promises to sell the treasure in Kyros and send the PCs the profits.
  • The PCs arrange transport by barge up-river from Corwyn back to the Moot.
  • When the PCs arrive back at Caer Haegnant, they realize that, in their absence, the soldiers have “impressed” their stabled horses.
  • The PCs receive payment for their scouting efforts in the Borderlands and supposedly compensation for their horses.
  • After making sure that they are ready and provisioned (including a new donkey), the PCs head out to reach the cave of Grandmother and the Matron again.

+ 500 xp (Roleplaying)
+ 125 xp (Exploration)
= 6,300 / 6,500


oh dear Zeus no don’t mention money

200 gp from Bouffard for goblin reports
A military IOU for 5 horses


Don’t feel like you didn’t get anything done, Roleplaying is worth XP! Tons of great rp this session.

Round Trip

“Luc seemed nice. Too bad he’s so shy. Hope we get to see him again.”
-further notes
Lucidelle? Platinum Consortium member, should be cultivated as an ally with potentially powerful connections.

ingredients to remove curse from sword
a large opal
gorgon scales
a handful of white kirkroot (grows on the graves of saints)

things we kept should be on cards, but in case
potion of haste, gaseous form, hill giant strength, healing potion, greater healing potion, silver raven figurine, pearl of power (3rd), blessed bolts, diver’s helmet, 3 charge wand of secrets, greensteel dagger (infects with devil chills), pixie stompers, shadow commanding bonewood flute, shadow discs

training started:
Aerendyl: 26 / 84 cartographer’s tools
Vargas: X/Y elven
Xana: X/Y draconic
Andersac: 2 ticks illuminated eye?
Gillian: assuredly something nefarious

Round Trip

Hey Richard – if you have decided the formulae for downtime training and things it would be handy to be on the wiki, that way people can decide what to learn instead of asking for each skill, language, tool, research/spells etc.

Round Trip

Do we know anything about Elucindel’s family other than they are apparently wealthy/important enough to have a platinum Consortium ring?

Round Trip

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