Adventures in the Borderlands

Questions in the Dark

Session 7

  • PCs headed out of town towards the cave with the bronze doors.
  • Encountered a goblin scout, but quickly dispatched it before it could escape.
  • Saw that in the two weeks since they had last been there, the goblins had constructed a palisade and several towers around the cave.
  • Aerendyl tried to make peaceful contact with the goblins, but got chased by some worgs and wolves for his trouble.
  • After killing some goblin wolf-riders, the worgs retreated.
  • Making their way back to town, the party suddenly fell victim to an unnatural lightning storm while camping.
  • This storm was the work of the grey bugbear druid, who, in giant owl form, flew down to deliver a warning to the PCs.
  • Striking from concealment, Aerendyl and Gillian managed to take down and capture the bugbear.
  • The PCs dragged the enemy druid back to the castle and reported their finds to Captain Boufford.
  • Boufford refused to offer additional troops to attack the cave, instead choosing to fortify defenses at the castle and around the town. He suggested the PCs hire mercenaries in town and that they would be rewarded for aiding Rivenbrook.
  • Janahyn helped the PCs interrogate the bugbear by using mind-reading magic.
  • The bugbear subconciously revealed that she was tasked by someone to find the Andwynyon caves, that she had paid off some conspirators hidden under cloaks, and that she was concerned about her “daughter” (apparently the new leader of the tribe) back at the cave.

+ 200 xp (Combat)
+ 375 xp (Roleplaying)
+ 125 xp (Exploration)
= 7,000 / 14,000

When next the PCs have a full day to rest, they may reach level 5.




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