Adventures in the Borderlands

Kyros, the city of scholars -- Interlude

The city of Kyros is regarded as one of the “Three Great Cities,” along with Marzanbul (the city of craftspeople) and Tehr Cirith (the city of artists). It has a population of about 15,000, mostly human, with a mix of other species either visiting, trading, or making their home. Kyros is most famous for the great Spire of Kyros, an enormous tower that stretches up into the clouds. The first few dozen floors are filled with the Library of Kyros, perhaps the finest collection on the continent.

Before next session, I would greatly appreciate it if people would post, either here or on the Facebook page, their plans while in Kyros. Obviously your character can do whatever you want, but here are the most common objectives (each of which takes approximately 3 days to complete).

  • Find a magic item for sale. Magic items are rare and highly valued; few people part with them just for coin. It will take a few days to find someone willing to sell any magic item, assuming the item you’re looking for is even available.
  • Find a buyer for a magic item. Most people don’t have the coin or the inclination to buy a magic item. You need to hunt down an interested party and negotiate a trade.
  • Research a topic in the Library. The lower floors of the library are open to the public, and higher floors can be accessed with a “donation” and a chaperone.
  • Hunt down rumors. A big city like Kyros, located along both land and sea trade routes, is always humming with people from a variety of lands. If you know where to look, you can get news from all across the continent.



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