Adventures in the Borderlands

Dragon Raid

Session 5

  • Group is scattered – Aerendyl heading south, Vargas mounting a rescue attempt, Gillian hiding, and both Xana and Andarssac captured by the black dragon.
  • Dragon leaves captives in the care of a tribe of squabbling kobolds.
  • Xana is forced at spearpoint to fight a mummy in the dungeon.
  • Suddenly, Gillian, and then Vargas, join the fray, and drive off the kobolds and kill the mummy.
  • However, Gillian is injured and infected with mummy rot.
  • Meanwhile, Andarssac and the kobold’s “spell-scale” Meepo match wits, with Andarssac almost killing Meepo with a well-blaced eldritch blast and Meepo returning fire with a chromatic orb that knocks Andarssac out.
  • After resting briefly, Vargas and Xana capture a kobold captive and force him to convince the rest of the tribe to open the door back to the dragon’s lair.
  • After a slaughter, all the kobolds are killed except Ter’rk, a flying kobold, who escapes, and one last kobold minion that Xana takes captive.
  • The PCs quickly fill their bags with the dragon’s treasure and beat a hasty retreat, just as “Swamp Mother” returns with a vengeance to discover her minions destroyed and her treasure stolen.
  • Escaping into the swamp, they stumble by chance upon a crawdad fisherman, who takes them by boat to the safe haven (you hope) of Lightstone.
  • Apparently the PCs have traveled hundreds of miles west, to the coastal swamps of Corwyn.

+ 470 xp (Combat)
+ 375 xp (Roleplaying)
+ 250 xp (Exploration)
= 5,675 / 6,500

Players finally reach safety and can level up to level 4.


(Assumed-) Cursed Box

Dragon Hoard:
6,000 sp
1,100 gp (7,000 coins, 1,700 gp value)
180 Copper and Turquoise discs
x2 Old bronze shields
x3 Old bronze armor
x5 Old bronze swords
x6 Old bronze daggers
Case of 10 crossbow bolts
Applewood Wand
Petrified Wood Ring inlaid with Steel
Gold Diadem set with Garnets
Bronze Armband set with Jasper
Leopard Fur Sash
Porcelain Medallion set with Moonstone
Round Steel Orb with Crystal
Silver Statue of a Raven
Carved Ivory Drinking Horn inlaid with Bronze
Gold Holy Symbol (starburst) with Amethyst
x2 Old Bottles of Wine
Brass Urn
Rosewood Puzzle Box
Small Carpet with Sea Motif
x2 Leather-bound Books
Gems (x2 Citrines, x3 Ambers, x1 Jet, x6 Pearl, x2 Jade)
x2 Potion of Healing
x1 Potion of Superior Healing
x1 Potion (grey cloudy syrup)
x1 Potion (violently bubbling blue liquid)


So if you’re wondering if that’s a lot of XP or not, to get from level 4 to level 5 takes around 4,000 xp, and you gained almost 1,000 xp this session alone.

And the combat xp is for 4 elite kobolds, 10 regular kobolds, 1 giant spider, 1 mummy, and 2 animated armors. The xp may not seem like a ton, considering the epic struggle to stay alive, but most of the challenge this week came from making do with very few resources (hp, spells), rather than the actual level of the opponent.

Dragon Raid

Yeah, there’s a big gap between 4 and 5 because of the Tiers of play.

Dragon Raid

“We have waded through a sea of blood and pain to reach this moment, and through the grace of the strands of Fate, we have all survived. Gillian, your decisions sparked us down that dangerous, foolhardy path – but when it mattered, you returned, and you almost made the biggest sacrifice of us all. Xana, as always your faith and strength kept you stalwart, even as we were held captive. Vargas, you are the one among us who stood tall and did not falter, did not fall in the slightest. You have all earned my respect, and I am glad to call you brothers and sister in arms. Aerendyl, for now I will choose to believe that you were indeed planning to mount a rescue attempt, and I can sense no malice in you. Perhaps, though, you can learn a thing or two from Vargas. Sometimes dire action is more useful than planning and consideration. Fate does not slow down, but you can grab it by the reins if your grip and will are strong enough.”

Dragon Raid

“I can’t believe you’re all free and alive!” – Aerendyl

Dragon Raid

“Andar, I took very direct action…like the tree with damaged roots I would not be able to support you. The overextended strike will surely lead to downfall. From your description, you very barely survived. Had I returned with Vargas, I am convinced that I would be but another body to rescue. You understand what I mean? Though come to think of it I can think of a much better approach than killing everything…

Regardless, I see you made out well. I hope some might be put towards the needy, but I understand if you feel your recent peril deserves a reward. "

In and out of character Aerendyl doesn’t need any loot. He’s carrying enough to restock survival days and that’s good enough for him.

Dragon Raid

“When I saw the dragon carrying two bodies I immediately assume the worse and ran towards it. Aerendyl said that I was a fool to go, but the only two things came to mind. The first was ‘if had a gold piece for every time I heard that’. The second thought was to hurry up to save my comrades despite my exhaustion and pain. I have seen too many good people die before me and I’m not one to do nothing to prevent it”
-Vargas Ignis

Dragon Raid

Gillian’s comment at the reunion:
slow dying noises

Dragon Raid

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