Adventures in the Borderlands

City of Lightstone


Persons and Places of Note

Temple of Manannan mac Lir
This temple to the god of the sea and the underworld performs regular religious services for the town. The temple is operated by a half-dozen priests under the direction of Bishop Lóegaire.

The Lighthouse
Technically owned by the sea temple, it is currently operated by acolytes of the Illuminated Eye. They have replaced the standard light lens with a crystal of their own making which appears to drive off dragons, which are a common nuisance in these parts. The only member of the organization that regularly deals with the public is Visor Argus.

Inquisitor Ansela
The local representative of the Inquisition, she represents law and order in the town. Suspicious of outsiders.

Brucca’s Trading Company
A shipping company run by the titular Brucca. Most of her trade is in salt cod from the North Sea shipped inland.

The Whistling Whale
An inn and tavern run by Larron and Henara Fenwyk. Currently the only other guest is a tall elf in a expensive-looking coat, looking damp and depressed.



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